1 min readDec 18, 2021

CRNFT is a premium auction house that represents and recruits the world’s most established artists to the blockchain world. We are dedicated to exhibiting the best NFTs on the Internet.

We help artists transition from traditional galleries to blockchain and partner with esteemed curators to select and display their best work. Our highly accomplished curators act as gatekeepers, tastemakers, and advisors. When you buy your NFTs on CRNFT, you know you are collecting NFTs of the highest standard.

Artists represented on CRNFT include:

James Joyce, Steven Wilson, Tos Suntoss, Marisa Musing, and many more.

CRNFT operates within the Ethereum ecosystem. We bridge the divide between the traditional art world and the digital sphere, for both artists and collectors through our bespoke offering of distinctly curated pieces.

We only offer works making their debut to the blockchain, meaning you won’t find any recycled NFTs on our site. Our NFTs are exclusive and typically available only in limited or single editions. At CRNFT we offer you the opportunity to develop your art collection in the ever-evolving digital world.