Lucii’s Mechaforce takes the metaverse by storm

3 min readNov 7, 2022


Citizens of the Metaverse, come get your unique wearables:

Metaverse virtuoso artist Lucii, or Large Use Cryptographic Information Infrastructure, is bringing new standards of innovation to the digital apparel market by releasing the first-ever generative wearable collections.

Lucii unveiled a state-of-the-art collection of 3D mechanical wearable that will take the Decentraland metaverse fest by storm. The limited-edition ‘Mechaforce’ collection built on the Ethereum blockchain will be featured through 3,333 NFTs that are up for grabs on November 11th, 2 PM EST.

As a doyen of Metaverse digital creation, Lucii has tangible experience working with Grammy Award winners and luxury design houses, allowing her to shape the skeleton of art and fashion in the digital realm.

A carefully-designed multi-drop ecosystem has been set in place by Lucii and can be accessed through the Lucii Genesis Pass. The pass will offer community members a contribution and ownership of the Lucii Digital Fashion House. Mechaforce will be one of the founding pillars of a digital apparel structure that Lucii is building in the Ethereum blockchain and will help to foster its growing community by providing sustainability to the project.

Lucii will be partnering with household Metaverse players Ready Player Me and Decentraland to broaden the scope of the collection and offer exclusive access to these communities in their efforts to architect a better Metaverse. A collaboration has also been put in place with art acceleration platform CRNFT to launchpad and guide the promotion of the collection.

Lucii’s magnanimous spirit will be present in full force in the upcoming Decentraland metaverse festival, with a lot of merch to be given to the community present at the event. So come say Hi and get your Lucii merch!

Lucii’s mission to redefine the scope of digital fashion in the Metaverse is only about to start. The community’s support will be crucial in defining the vision and success of the project and building a better and healthier Metaverse fashion hub.

Writer: Ismail Amara