CRNFT | Premium NFT platform for digital creators

2 min readNov 30, 2022

Community-driven platform of curated art, architecture, and digital fashion. Our north star is to enable and empower curators and creators to share, support, collaborate, and advance to bring value ( Public Good) to themselves and the CRNFT community.

As the metaverse and NFT space expand there is a need for the role of a modern curator.

We decided to eliminate the spam and create a platform managed by its members. We are collectively:

  • accelerating new voices through working with established curators
  • providing a platform for sophisticated self-publishing
  • create on-chain activities
  • incubate ideas
Generative Portraits by Steven Wilson

We create new experiences and cultures across art, culture, and technology. We’re here to challenge status quo definitions and techniques, categories, frameworks and systems.

Digital Wearables by LUCII in Decentraland
Digital Meetings at our Arena on

Community Goals

  • rebuild decentralized creator economy
  • break systematic issues in the freelancer economy
  • scout for emerging creators and help curate a world-class collection
  • create an automated creative production vehicle
  • enjoy the process 🍰
Dismaland by James Joyce